Growing Business

How Can We Help you Grow?

Business owners often find themselves in unfamiliar territory from accounting, management, HR, IT and marketing and everywhere in between.  We are available to help you bridge the gaps and provide support and expertise for those unfamiliar parts of your growing business.  We build strong relationships to allow us to better understand your business model and all the moving parts.  We can provide Coaching, Consulting or Support Services to help your business grow.  From payroll set-up, defining roles and responsibilities and the economic impact of all the moving parts.  We can teach you how to incorporate strategies that will make your business intentional, efficient and successful.  

How can we help you Grow?

Progress and Results

New Business

Scope: Concept Development, Business Plan, Start-up,  Bookkeeping and Support Services,  CPA Liaison.   We guided this business from concept to their first property purchase.  We continue to offer support services.

1 Year Start-up

Scope: Process Development and Implementation, Cash Flow Management, Bookkeeping and Support Services.   We guided this business from a very costly partner funded venture to a self funded venture with a 328% growth model in 2 years.

8 Year Growing Business

Scope:  Accounting and Catch-up Invoicing for Receivables.  We provided Support Services to bring all collections and service invoices to date, creating a 3 million dollar cash flow from uncollected and unvoiced revenue.