Budget Friendly

Empower your business to succeed!

We offer budget friendly solutions to help small businesses grow!  Hiring a coach or a consultant costs a lot less than you think, and reduces overall costs, due to unneeded training or development investments.  Many companies are realizing the value of bringing someone on-board that already has the needed expertise, without making them a full-time part of the equation. This mutually beneficial relationship encourages business development, while reducing costs, and increasing profits.

Prices are set on a project by project basis, as each client has unique needs, customized requests, and tailored solutions.  Customizable flat and hourly rate options are available, and start as low as $500 a month.  We want to see our clients succeed and look forward to meeting with you to provide comprehensive pricing based on your individual needs.  Connect with us to explore how we can Ignite your Business Potential, Optimize your Bottom Line, and Perpetuate Growth.